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ORing Networking Provides Innovative Products for Industrial Applications

Since 2005, ORing Networking has specialized in researching and developing products designed for the unique challenges of industrial settings, including:

Wired and Wireless Network Communications

IIoT | Smart Manufacturing | Smart Cities

Smart Factories

With a focus on high-quality products and excellent customer service, ORing's cutting-edge products have been widely adopted in fields such as:

Surveillance | Rail Transport | Industrial Automation | Power Substations

Renewable Energy | Marine Industries

ORing PROFINET Products



Industrial 6-port managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with 4x10/100/1000Base-T(X) ports and 2x100/1000Base-X, SFP socket, PROFINET version



Industrial Slim 8-port managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with 8x10/100/1000Base-T(X) ports, PROFINET Version



Industrial 14-port managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with 12x10/100/1000Base-T(X) and 2x100/1000Base-X, SFP socket, PROFINET Version



Industrial 24-port managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with 16x10/100/1000Base-T(X) ports and 8x100/1000Base-X, SFP socket, PROFINET Version



Industrial Slim 12-port Secured managed Gigabit PoE Ethernet switch with 8x10/100/1000Base-T(X) P.S.E. ports and 4x100/1000Base-SFP, PROFINET Version

ORing C-series : Cost Effective Ethernet Solution

The C-series products are the latest cost-effective unmanaged solution launched by ORing Industrial Networking. With compact size design, the products can be easily and space-efficiently installed in any industrial environments. The DIN-rail mounting capability, wide operating temperature, and the IP40 housing make the plug-and-play unmanaged switches reliable and easy to use.



  • Support Store and forward transmission
  • QoS supported to process critical data in heavy traffic
  • Broadcast storm protection
  • IP40 protection
  • DIN-Rail mounting enabled
  • CE/ FCC/ UL 61010-1 certified



Model List

  • IES-C1050: 5-port unmanaged switch; 5FE
  • IES-C1080: 8-port unmanaged switch; 8FE
  • IGS-C1050: 5-port unmanaged switch; 5GbE
  • IGS-C1080: 8-port unmanaged switch; 8GbE
  • IES-C1041P: 5-port unmanaged switch; 4FE + 1 100 SFP socket
  • IES-C1062P: 8-port unmanaged switch; 6FE + 2 100 SFP socket
  • IES-C1160: 16-port unmanaged switch; 16FE

ORing Product Offerings Include:

  • Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Desktop-Type Ethernet Switches
  • Industrial Media Converters
  • Industrial Serial Products
  • Industrial Wireless Access Points
  • Industrial VPN Routers
  • Industrial M2M Gateways
  • ORing Management Software & Accessories
  • Industrial IoT Products
  • ORing Cloud

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