Mid-Atlantic Rugged Systems is your Authorized WoMaster Distributor

WoMaster has emerged as a master of IIoT embedded systems that provide a

complete ecosystem of sensors, gateways, software, and cloud management designed to meet the specific needs of:

Intelligent Transportation | Smart City Surveillance | Rolling Stock

Power and Utilities | Weather Stations and Environmental Monitoring

Waste Water | IP Surveillance | Industrial Automation

Mid-Atlantic Rugged Systems is proud to be your authorized distribution partner for

WoMaster products and systems.

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WoMaster Weather Station Sensors and Systems

WoMaster has created all-in-one communication stations for environmental monitoring. These solutions encompass cloud management, M2M software, WiFi/LTE/LAN gateways, and sensors, including:

Temperature Sensors  | Air Quality Sensors | Moisture Sensors

CO2 Sensors  | Sound Level Sensors | Atmospheric Pressure Sensors

Cup Wind Sensors

Mid-Atlantic Rugged Systems is proud to be your distributor for WoMaster's embedded ecosystems!

WoMaster Smart City Box

A Fully Integrated Embedded Solution

WoMaster Brochure-Smart city

WoMaster has created an adaptable ecosystem of embedded, connective devices that are designed for city surveillance, whether traffic, parking, waste management, security and public safety, or air quality and environmental monitoring. The WoMaster Smart City Box features:

  • 4 high power PoE connection for cameras
  • Giga WAN port for network, USB for configuration, and SD slot for storage
  • Fiber uplink with ERPS Ring support, providing network resilience
  • LTE and WiFi support as hot spot
  • Local RS232 interface and LoRa support for IoT devices
  • Audio interface for connecting speakers and microphones  
  • Full system integration with IP67 enclosures
  • Flexible power input sources: AC/DC/Solar

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WoMaster LoRa Controller Gateways

WoMaster provides complete solutions with support for licensed band NBIoT and non-licensed LoRa / LoRaWAN. WR222-WLAN-NB1 and SCB211 support NBIoT with global channels. LM100 and LC144 support two-way LoRa Communications, and WR322-EC-LTE-LW as a LoRaWAN gateway.

WoMaster LoRa

​WoMaster IIoT Ecosystem Components

Smart City & Industrial IoT
  • Smart City Box | Electricity Water Meter Box | Sensor Box
  • Industrial LTE | WLAN IoT Serial Router
  • Industrial LTE | WLAN | PoE Router
  • Industrial LPWAN NBIoT LoRa Gateway End Node
  • Industrial WiFi AP | Outdoor Antennas
  • IoT Environmental | Water | Parking | Waste Bin Sensors
  • NMS | Cloud Management
Industrial Secured Networks
  • Rackmount L3 | L2 10G | G | PoE Switch
  • Router Switch
  • Rugged PoE Switch
  • Rugged Ethernet Switch
  • Railway Ethernet PoE Switch
  • SFP and Accessories