Mid-Atlantic Rugged Systems is your Authorized PATTON Distributor

Patton is a US manufacturer of

UC, cloud, and IoT enabling solutions for carrier, enterprise and industrial networks.

Patton markets a catalog of over 1,000 products, with a focus on VoIP and Ethernet extension technologies. Patton equipment is up-and-running in carrier, enterprise and industrial networks all over the world—interconnecting legacy TDM and serial systems with contemporary and next-generation IP-based voice, data, and multi-media networking technologies.

Patton's mission is to connect real-world customer challenges with high-quality, right-priced solutions, complemented by unrivaled customer service and technical support.

Patton… Let's Connect!

About Patton Electronics

Patton SCADA Networking and SCADA Ethernet Solutions

SCADA Solutions

  • Patton offers a wide variety of Industry specific solutions for PLC, RTU, Meter and Sensor connectivity.
  • The FiberPlex products offer noise isolation and secure fiber transport solutions for SCADA networks presenting RF, Ethernet/IP, Serial Data, Contact Closure/Actuation, Video and other interfaces.
  • CopperLink products offer hardened Ethernet Extension (Ethernet over Copper) solutions for SCADA device connectivity over long distances and in harsh environments.
  • Patton's Connect-IT provides RS-232/422/485, Current Loop conversion and extension solutions.
  • SmartNodes support IPsec VPN Tunnel for SCADA and Management Traffic and Remote Management as well as multi-WAN redundancy and out-of-band management access to IoT devices.

Patton Communications and Connectivity Products

Unified Communications
  • VoIP Gateways
  • VoIP Routers
  • VoIP IADs
  • SIP eSBCs
  • VoIP Applicances
  • SS7 Media Gateways
Network Access
  • Ethernet Extenders
  • PoE Products
  • xDSL Products
  • Routers
  • Dial-Up Acess
  • Line Drivers / Short Range Modems
  • Fiber Telecom (T1/E1/PRI, Analog and ISDN)
  • Pro AV Live and Media Broadcast Fiber Systems
  • Fiber Alarming, Notification, Relay and Control
  • Defense/Security Fiber Communcations
  • Baluns
  • DataTaps, Testers, Adapters, Rack Kits
  • Interface Converters
  • Fiber Rack and Enclosure Systems
  • Fiber Repeaters and Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDM)
  • Waveguide RF Filters
Software and Cloud
  • Virtual SBC
  • Virtual Access Routers
  • VPN Servers
  • IPv6 to IPv4 Network Gateways
  • Intelligent Edge Orchestration
  • NFV & SDN